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Naked on the Bench by Robin Spielberg


Naked on the Bench is a memoir by Robin Spielberg. She shares her evolving relationship with music throughout her life as a professional pianist. This course walks listeners through Robin’s various experiences and insights while learning how to look at themselves to better their own professional career. Robin Spielberg facilitates this standardized, self study, 3 credit course.

This course will help music therapists:

  • Explore if own behaviors affect the therapeutic process
  • Work through feelings of transference and counter-transference
  • Set goals for desired professional growth
  • Find full list of course objectives here

* All net profits from this course will be donated to the American Music Therapy Association.*


Robin Spielberg is one of America’s most beloved pianist/composers. With an impressive
tour schedule and hundreds of thousands of recordings sold, this Steinway Artist has been winning the
hearts of listeners around the world with her compelling melodies and sensitive piano technique since
debuting her first recording of original solos for piano, Heal of the Hand. A prolific composer, Spielberg has
sixteen recordings to her credit and appears on over 40 compilations around the world. Her discography
includes albums of original piano solos, arrangements of American standards, original pieces for piano/
ensemble, recordings for the holidays, a CD of Americana melodies, and a CD of lullabies. Robin is an
artist-spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association.


Product Description

When you purchase this product you will receive:

  • An MP3 file of the 60 minute, pre-recorded discussion with Robin Spielberg
  • A PDF file of course materials

Prerequisites: You must be a Board Certified Music Therapist & purchase or own copy of book.

(You can find a copy here.)

Course Schedule and Format:

Music Therapy Book Club Standardized Self- Study Courses are designed to provide an in-depth learning experience based upon a music therapy or related text. Participants receive a pre-recorded conference call “Book Club Discussion” with the author in which further information related to the book is discussed. This is followed by self study assignments which are completed and submitted to the continuing education director. The participant may then submit all assignments to receive 3 CMTE credits. Assignments will be due 30 days from the registration date.

3 CMTE Credits will be awarded upon completion of this course as outlined above.

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