What is Music Therapy Book Club?

Music Therapy Book Club Standardized Self-Study Courses are designed to provide an in-depth learning experience based upon current and essential music therapy or related texts.  This concept was developed by Jennifer Sokira, MMT, LCAT, MT-BC of Connecticut Music Therapy Services, LLC with thanks to her colleagues who inspired and contributed to this idea.


How does a Book Club course work?
You will be provided unique self-study assignments designed by the author or instructor, based on the current book as well as on an interactive conference call or recording with the author/facilitator.  These combine to allow the participant to receive 5 CMTE credits per course.  So read the book as assigned and complete the interactive assignments!
How do I pay for the course?
PayPal is our payment gateway- you are able to use PayPal to pay for the course whether you have a PayPal account or not.
What happens when I sign up? When do I get my course materials?
You will receive your downloadable materials immediately after paying for the course.
Where do I get the book? Is it included with the course?
Sorry, we can’t include the book with the course materials at this time. We offer you suggestions on where to purchase the MT Book Club book in the course downloads.
What about if I have technical difficulties with payment or the download?
Just email us at info@ctmusictherapy.com and we’ll work it out.
What's up with the conference call? Is that part of the course?
Yes, the call is actually part of the CMTE course- it will be conducted by the author or facilitator and will include didactic material and Q +A in relation to the book.  In addition to the call,  you will complete and turn in the assignments for credit.  If you are signing up for the “first run” of the course, you need to attend the live call. We will re-offer the book club courses with recordings but the course rate will be higher.
What if I would like a refund?
Check out our grievance policy here.
How long do I have to complete the assignments?
For live courses, you have 30 days from the “call date” to return your assignments as instructed.  If you are doing the course with the recording and assignments, you will also have 30 days.
I have a book I'd love to take a course on ____. Can you offer it?
Maybe!  Shoot us an email at info@ctmusictherapy.com and we can chat about it!

When do I get my CMTE certificate?

You will receive your CMTE certificate in 4 or fewer weeks from the time we are in receipt of your course assignments and course evaluation, assuming you have returned them within the 60 days from the call date.  We will be issuing certificates at the end of each calendar month and you’ll receive your certificate as a printable PDF via email.